November 4, 2016 Minutes

11/04/16 FFF Minutes Meeting Called to Order: 6:52 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Ted, Terry, Mem, Kent, Rick, Rosa, Cary, Eli, Richard, Robyn, Robin, Karen, Erin, President’s Report: NTR Vice President’s Report: Lots of Vice Secretary’s Report: Minutes posted Treasurer’s Report: NTR Trustee’s Report: Some potential new members, Committee Reports: Committee to Amend the Bylaws: … Read more

September 2, 2016 Minutes

9/2/2016 FFF Minutes Who was first woman hanged in the US? First Federal woman hanged? {post meeting – Mary Surrat was first Federal hanging, associated with Lincoln assassination – others before at } Meeting Called to Order: 8:12 PM Presiding: Ted M.- Attending: Mem, Karen, Erin, Richard, Robyn, Eli, Don, Kent, Jack, Rick, Robin, … Read more

August 5, 2016 Minutes

8/5/2016 FFF Minutes Meeting Called to Order: 8:24 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Eli, Robin, Mem, Don, Ted, Rick, Richard, Kent, Jack, Lisa Peoples, Cary, Erin, Karen, Joe President’s Report: Ted M. – Nothing to report Vice President’s Report: Richard – Lotsa of Vice Secretary’s Report: Jack – Minutes Published on Facebook Treasurer’s Report: Mem … Read more

July 4, 2016 Minutes

First Friday Fandom meeting called to order @6PM on Monday, July 4th. President: Nothing to report VP: Not Present Sec: Not present in June. Robin took notes. Treasurer: Not Present – Questions were raised about the Mythopoeic Society moneys. We might be all square. Committees: coup is planned Other committees had nothing to report Emergence … Read more

May 6, 2016 Minutes

5/6/16 FFF Minutes Meeting Called to Order: 8:10 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Ted, Richard, Jack, MEM, Kent,Don, Carey, Rick, Joe, Terry, Robin, Ray Hutton, Elias Roa. President’s Report: Ted – NTR Vice President’s Report: Richard: NTR -Fort MacMurray has been evacuated Secretary’s Report: Jack – Minutes on Facebook Page Treasurer’s Report: MEM – $13K … Read more