May 6, 2016 Minutes

5/6/16 FFF Minutes Meeting Called to Order: 8:10 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Ted, Richard, Jack, MEM, Kent,Don, Carey, Rick, Joe, Terry, Robin, Ray Hutton, Elias Roa. President’s Report: Ted – NTR Vice President’s Report: Richard: NTR -Fort MacMurray has been evacuated Secretary’s Report: Jack – Minutes on Facebook Page Treasurer’s Report: MEM – $13K … Read more

Minutes for April 1, 2016

Called to Order: 8:19 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Jack Heneghan, Mary Morman, Cary Quinn, Richard Karsch, Don Pelton, Terry Adams, Robin Monogue, Erin Jordan, Karen Jordan, Joe Sokola, Kent Bloom, Robyn Montgomery, Ray Hutton, Rick Ayers, Ted Monogue President’s Report: Nothing to report – No trip to Bora Bora. State paperwork filed. Vice President’s … Read more

Minutes for 3 July 2015

First Friday Fandom 3rd July 2015 Attending: Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams, Don Pelton, Rick Ayers, Erin and Karen Jordan, Jack Heneghan, Joe Sokola, Ted Monogue, Jack Heneghan, Robyn Montgomery, Robin Monogue, Connor, Monogue, Brendan, Monogue, Cary Quinn, Richard Karsh. Robin the president called the meeting to order at 7:46pm. President has nothing to … Read more

Minutes: January 2, 2015

Notes taken by Robin Monogue. Attending: Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Kent Bloom, Jack Heneghan, Cary Quinn, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Terry Adams, and Tim Fyock. Meeting called to order at 8:23 pm by President Richard Karsh. Officer’s Reports: President: nothing to report Vice President: Joe told us that the vice consisted of leftovers from the … Read more